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First season almost over

Hi folks,

The first football season in the history of PPM is drawing to a close. The next one begins on Monday with the first leg of the European Champions' League and Cup Winners' Cup qualification. These international tournaments will usually be played on Wednesdays, but occasionally also on Mondays.

During the seasonal update on Monday morning CET, the football game will be unavailable for some time. We will do our best to make the game available as soon as possible.

I should also tell you that we have made a change regarding the final sports academy pull of the season. As you know, players are generated when you first view them. Those of you who play hockey also know that if you view your players after the seasonal update, you will effectively prevent the players from ageing and thus save one season of development. That will no longer be the case. If you do not view your players until the seasonal update, they will be generated for you automatically and then you can decide whether to accept them or not. That means that they will age and they will turn 16 after the update, just like all other players pulled in the same season. The same applies to job applicants.

In other news, we have added a new feature to the forums. If you see a post on the forums that is a reaction to an older post, just click on the text that says "Reaction to: username (22.09.2010 05:46:46)" to see the original post. It's only a small improvement, but helpful.

Finally, as I have mentioned in the hockey news, I would like to ask you to support us in the competition for 30 billboard ads by clicking "Like" on the following page. However, you can only do that if you are logged into Facebook.

Thank you and good luck with the sponsorship offers!

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