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What will be new in the new engine

Dear friends,

as we have informed you several times before, we are working hard on improving the match engine. The programming part is virtually done now and we are now in a testing and tune-up phase. It is probably a good time now to announce what changes have been done and what you can look forward to. So here is the list:

  • increased the influence of the aggressiveness setting on the number of fouls and cards (counterweight measures to balance the settings will also be made)
  • incorporated the influence of team strength and technique of players into the calculation of team fouls
  • increased the influence of send offs
  • implemented the influence of distance from goal (better team is more likely to shoot from close range and therefore more likely to score)
  • increased the influence of the shooter and passer on determining whether the shot will be on goal or wide

We have also upgraded the tactical options which I think you will appreciate as well:

  • implemented the possibility of setting more substitutions for the same minute
  • implemented the possibility to have as many as 6 substitutions in friendlies
  • increased the number of importance levels from 3 to 5 (the decrease of energy has also been changed)
  • implemented the possibility to change tactics at half-time based on the score

The output from matches will also be a little bit different:

  • implemented the influence of shooting attribute into rating of players (mainly forwards and midfielders)
  • changed the team strength indicators (new indicators will be goalkeeping, defence, midfield, offence)
  • implemented goalkeeper statistics
  • added minutes played to player statistics

Improvements have also touched the live broadcast:

  • penalty shootout was implemented to live broadcast
  • fixed the bug that caused the substituted player to show up in commentary

All of the changes mentioned above will come into effect at the start of next season. We believe the new engine will be more realistic, more balanced and more enjoyable. We would also like to note that this is only the first set of improvements and more are planned for the future. The assist statistics are one of those that we want to add next time around. We tried to do as much as possible and we hope you will appreciate it.

In the last news, we have informed you about the launch of a new competition called League Cup. You started asking many questions about this competition so here are some more details about it. First of all, I should say that there will be placement matches so that every participating team will play 4 matches no matter what happens. The matches will take place on days 105, 107, 109 and 112. The SuperLeague Cup will be played every Wednesday from the first week of the following season. The particiapation in this competition will not influence your sponsor offers. The teams will be seeded according to league level and OTR. The OTR gains for League Cup and SuperLeague Cup matches will be the same as for any other league match. I hope this is enough for now because there is not much room to tell you more now.

Please note that you can already express support for managers that you would like to have as managers of your national team. You can do so in their team profiles. You can only give support to 1 manager. This support is important for these managers to be able to send their bid. This will work the same way as in hockey. The national teams will be launched at the start of next season.

Thank you for reading through all of this and have a nice day!

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