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Pennants, sponsored tournament and other news

Hi friends,

It's been a while since the last news. As I have mentioned in the hockey news, the main focus for us these days is the new design of the welcome pages. That should hopefully go online at some point next week. Besides that, we have also managed to bring you some very nice new features that we hope you will like.

First, though, I should mentioned that we have created a credit tournament called Official PPM Football Cup and we have thrown in a donation of 1000 credits. The tournament entry fee is only 2 credits and non-PRO users are preferred when accepting teams.

Now back to the what's new. We have developed a new credit feature called Club pennants. You can create one or more pennants that will represent your team and that will be handed to your opponents. The pennants that a team collects from opponents will then be displayed in a special page just for this purpose. This page is yet to be developed. When creating a pennant be careful not to click on Finish pennant button before it is done. Once you finish a pennant it cannot be modified.

There is also a new PRO feature which you can access from league standings. Click the small graph icon below the standings to see the development of your position in the standings. Select up to 5 teams from your league and compare your progress with others. Here is a peak at what it looks like:

Another new PRO feature is the log of average training progress of all your players. This can be accessed from the Practice page. There is a link at the bottom called Progress. The page shows average training progress of your entire team for each day. Logging has only started yesterday so there is not much history yet.

There has also been a small refinement on the Facilities page. When you move over a ball icon that signifies a level of facility that hasn't been built yet, you can see the price of this level. This feature will also be added to the Stadium page.

That's all, enjoy the new features!

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