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All known substitution bugs fixed

Hi friends,

with the launch of the new substitutions interface and system several bugs have appeared which were not detected during the testing phase. Some of these bugs have been solved last week and these fixes were announced on Friday. Now I can gladly report that we have solved all the remaining bugs that have been reported and the new substitution system has therefore become much more user friendly.

It took a little longer because we had to change the way how the substitutions are stored in the database, but it was worth the extra effort. We didn't want to make patches that would make the system more complicated for understanding.

The most pressing issue was the fact that whenever you saved your line-up, all substitutions have been highlighted red to signify that they were inactive and they did not take place in the match. You had to save them all again one by one to fix them. This is no longer an issue. From now on, only such substitutions will be marked as inactive which are impossible to take place due to changes in the line-up. If, for instance, you remove a player from the line-up, all changes in which this player is involved will become inactive. If you only change his position in the line-up, the changes that you have set will take place, but they may be affected by the change of the player's position.

Together with this, we also fixed substitutions where a player was assigned on the field and then moved to a position which was previously occupied by a different player. They are now displayed correctly and they also work correctly.

Finally, we have disabled to option to drag a player from the pitch to the bench in the substitutions page because this caused some problems and substitutions set this way did not work.


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