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Suspensions for players

Hello folks,

I have some good news for you. The suspensions for yellow and red cards of players have been done and are effective as of today. No retroactive suspensions will be given, however, the card counter will not be reset if your players already have some cards. The suspensions will be awarded according to the following:

- 1 match for 4 yellow cards
- 2 matches for 8 yellow cards
- 3 matches for 12 yellow cards (etc., suspension length increases every time after 4 extra yellow cards)
- 2 matches for straight red card
- 2 yellow cards in one match are not considered as a red card for the purposes of a suspension

National cup and international cups:
- 1 match for 2 yellow cards (the length of suspension does not increase like in league, after 4th yellow card there will again be just a 1 match suspension)
- 2 matches for straight red card
- 2 yellow cards in one match are not considered as a red card for the purposes of a suspension

The suspension remains valid even if the player transfers to another team.

Apart from this, the Top section has been activated today and PRO pack owners see where their teams, players and staff members stack up against the rest of the world, country or league.

We would also like to announce that we are looking for new gamemasters (GM) to help catching cheaters and multiplayers.

Here are the requirements:

- age 20 or more (25 or more preferred)
- lot of experience with PPM (experience with GM work from other on-line manager games is an advantage)
- languages: good knowledge of English is a minimum requirement
- good knowledge of any other language is a big advantage
- good knowledge about databases and handling skills, general knowledge of IT
- ability to work in a team, good communication skills
- calm and diplomatic way of expressing yourself, ability to be objective
- availability and free time every week to do the necessary work as a GM (at least 2 hrs a week, 4+ hrs preferred)
- time to answer e-mails from users and GM-team on daily (or almost daily) basis

Please send your applications to: luboskogm@gmail.com

Have a nice day!

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