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Server migration

Dear friends,

as we have informed you last time, we are getting ready for a major change in the history of PowerPlay Manager. We will be changing our webhosting provider and also moving the game to new servers. However, the date of this migration is now uncertain. Originally it was planned for April 30, but we would like to do it sooner if possible. We are now in the process of test migration and the precise date of the real migration will depend on the outcome of this test. Provisionally the real migration is now planned for this Saturday, April 23. In any case we will let you know the precise date by the end of this week.

Although this migration project is not cheap financially, we are doing it in order to increase the stability of the game, your comfort and the overall standard of our services. During the migration itself and a few hours afterwards the game will be offline, of course. We will have to make sure that everything works as it should be before re-opening the game to public. The servers will have different settings and a newer version of php coding will be used, which might cause several features to not function properly. Even after putting the game back online there will likely be features that will be disabled until they are adjusted for the new system. Therefore we ask you for understanding and patience while we are trying to get everything back in order. We will also be relying on you to report potential problems. It is also possible that under some internet providers, the game will not be accessible at all for a few days because of change of DNS servers. We have taken measures in order to avoid this problem completely, but you never know with the internet providers.

Have a nice day!

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