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  SuperLeague Cup: Season 32

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23.01.2020 18:30:00


The League Cup champions from all over the world and all league levels play together in the SuperLeague Cup. It is a single match knock-out competition where the home field advantage does not apply. It is played every Wednesday from the first week of the season until the winner is decided. There is also a match for third place. If a team qualifies for the SuperLeague Cup as well as for Champions' League or Cup Winners' Cup, it will forfeit its place in the SuperLeague Cup in favour of the next team in the ranking.

Season: - Round:

Group 1 (Teams from pots 1 and 2)

Sd Date Team 1   Sd Team 2 Score
3 22.01.2020 France En Avant de Guingamp (I.1) vs 8 Czech Republic HS71 BRNO (I.1) + PPM TV
4 22.01.2020 Ukraine Mafanikio (I.1) vs 12 Poland Zmarnowane Talenty (I.1) + PPM TV
5 22.01.2020 Latvia FC ''Jurmala" (I.1) vs 7 Hungary Gyógyegerek (I.1) + PPM TV
6 22.01.2020 Italy frediteam (I.1) vs 10 Czech Republic Boca Kačerov (I.1) + PPM TV

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