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FC Nižný Klátov
League match
19.09.2021 18:30:00


Warning!!! The next match will be played by an automatically generated line-up! The most likely causes are:

1. A player from the starting lineup was sold
2. A player from the starting lineup got injured
3. A player from the starting lineup has been suspended
4. The substitute for the affected position is not set
5. The player is in the training camp and you have no substitutes set for his position
6. There are less than 11 players in the formation
7. A player has been called up for the upcoming match of the national team

Your time: 19.09.2021 18:30 Playing at: Away Match type: League match (Match day 39)
Line-up: Default line-up Tactics: Default tactics

FC Nižný Klátov
Team Slovakia FC Nižný Klátov
Manager 95PATO95
Team rating 192.64
League Slovakia IV.4

Public account
Team Slovakia Public account
Manager Public account
Team rating 60.13
League Slovakia IV.4

Match importance: Normal Style of play: Normal Intensity of play: Normal
Aggressiveness: Normal Offside trap: Often Defensive style: Normal

Team uniform
Club pennant
Default line-up
G Slovakia Ladislav Gallik
LD Slovakia Oskar Furst
CD Slovakia Frederik Šechný
CD Slovakia Martin Kobezda
RD Slovakia Ondrej Maleza
LM Slovakia Tichomír Porubiak
CM Slovakia Ján Hojstrič
CM Slovakia Radomír Slávo
RM Slovakia Milan Mihočka
CF Slovakia Karol Majerský
CF Slovakia Zdenko Gorn

Team uniform
Club pennant

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