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  League results: IV.4 (Slovakia) - Season 38

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FC Inter Mexiko
League match
24.10.2021 18:30:00


Season: Country: League: Match day:

Home team Away team Score
Slovakia kup kap Slovakia Team noname 144034 6:0
Slovakia Senica    Slovakia FC Nižný Klátov    0:3
Slovakia FK Red Devils Slovakia Team noname 144183 9:0
Slovakia FC INTER Krásna Slovakia Public account 7:0
Slovakia 1FC Nove Zamky Slovakia Team noname 143919 10:0
Slovakia HUE Team Slovakia FK Studienka 1:2
Slovakia SCC Club VT† Slovakia FC mengvaji 1:7
Slovakia Kolare FC Slovakia FC Fernet 139057 † 5:1
Slovakia Lesáci Slovakia FC Drunkteam 0:7
Slovakia Bečovské Medvede Slovakia Angels Nitra 0:0
Slovakia FC Inter Mexiko Slovakia Fc Santa Cruz 3:0

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