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Boxing Duel is here!

Dear friends,

PowerPlay Manager proudly presents a brand new game called Boxing Duel. The game brings several new features compared to its predecessors from the Duel series that make it a much more compelling experience.

You start by creating your own boxing identity. Your fighter has to learn the basics of boxing and go through his own personal tragedies and success in a compelling story that will be revealed to you as you progress through the game. Sometimes you even have to make a choice and decide what your character will do next.

To help you understand the game better, you start off with a tutorial that will guide you through the first few levels of the game. For every tutorial task that you complete, you get a special reward. When the tutorial is done, your coach takes over to give you new special tasks that you have to complete to get your reward. The coach's tasks are more difficult to complete than regular tasks, but the reward is worth the effort.

The gameplay is much more dynamic than in the previous Duel games. You move through the levels at a much faster pace and there is always something to do thanks to the coach's tasks.

All in all, the newest installment of the Duel series is a major upgrade and you should definitely try it. You can register here, but don't wait too long. If you register before 5pm CET, you will get an avatar from the limited edition given only to the players who register on the first day.

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