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SMS payments and other news

Hello friends,

after some lengthy negotiations and troubles with implementation, we have finally been able to re-launch the SMS payments in 18 countries. The payments in these countries have been tested with the help of our PPM team members. We would like to thank them for that. Here is the list of countries where you can now buy credits via SMS:

Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, UK, Ukraine

In vast majority of these countries, the prices are better than they were with our former service provider. That means that you get more credits for the same amount of money. You can buy credits here.

Other countries are still waiting to be tested or approved. For example in Australia, we need to fulfill some conditions before the operators will approve our service. Here is the list of these countries:

Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Macedonia, Norway, Romania, Turkey

We will inform you when these countries become available.

Now for other news. You will be glad to hear that since last week, the players' seasonal energy decreases based on their playing time. If you make a substitution in 80th minute, the player who comes onto pitch, will only lose 1/9 of energy compared to players who play the whole match. The same thing applies to players who have been substituted. In this case the substituted player will lose 8/9 of energy compared to a player who plays the whole match.

We have also fixed a minor bug with the League injuries page, where you could sometimes see empty rows.

Finally, we are glad to announce that thanks to our graphic artist dilong, we have new football trophies. Until now, these trophies were just copies from hockey (also created by dilong), but now, they are distinguishable at first sight. We hope you like them.

Have a nice day!

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