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League Cup and other news

Hi folks,

there is plenty to report today. I will start with the headline. Currently we are preparing a new competition that will make the end of the season much more interesting for you. It will be called League Cup. How will it work? The top 16 teams from each league will play a single match knockout tournament with 4 rounds within their own league. The team that is victorious, will of course get a nice trophy. This team will also qualify for the SuperLeague Cup played in the following season which will also be a knockout competition, but with worldwide participation.

League CupThis new addition will not only fill the void at the end of each season, but it will also make it more interesting for lower ranked teams to fight to make the cut for this tournament or to get the home field advantage (that always goes to the higher seed). It also means that no matter which league you play in, you have the chance to compete internationally.

As you know, the development of national team competitions has reached the testing phase. Relatively soon, you will be able to express your support for managers who you think would make a good general manager of your national team. These preferential votes will then be important for every candidate to make the cut into the top ten. After feedback from a number of users we have decided to make the term of the NT manager 2 seasons with the option to have a new vote after 1 season in case you, the community, decide it is time for change.

We also plan to regroup the lower leagues in all countries. We will fill all leagues in the second lowest level in that country with active teams from the lowest level. In case there is not enough room, we will promote the ones with the highest OTR. If you are in one of the bottom 2 levels, get ready for some changes.

The Great Referral Campaign is, of course, still going on. Remember you only need to get 20 points in order to have a chance to win Nintendo Wii. We also have a special bonus for you. The user who gets the most verified referrals this Wednesday (July 27) wins a PowerPlay Manager T-shirt. The counter starts at midnight CET and ends 24 hours later.

Last but not least, we have added some safety restrictions to the sitter feature. For example the sitter is no longer allowed to use any credit features or to revoke the user's team or to connect the account with his or her facebook account.

Have a nice day!

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