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Team strength and player ratings

Hi Friends,

You have certainly noticed that the team strength and ratings of players in the match have been reduced dramatically yesterday. I just want to say that there is no reason for panic as we have only changed how these numbers are calculated. Nobody gained any advantage and the conditions remain the same for everybody. The only thing that changed are the numbers representing the strength of your team and players.

First we decided to count in a few more things into the ratings and team strength to make it more realistic. This caused that the team strength and player ratings were reduced. Today we decided to multiply the team strength by a fixed coefficient so that the strength of the noname teams is around 10 as it is in hockey. The team strength for teams that already played their match early today (for example in Australia and other far east teams) is currently calculated according to the old system. This will be fixed after their next league match.

Now for other news. We have added a new PRO feature. You can check it out in the detailed stats of any player. You can see the number of days that a player has been injured and the level of career longevity in the selected season. This way you are able to track the player's injury record.

We have also launched PPM TV where you can see both football and hockey games. This way you can easily see the schedule for both your hockey and football team.

We would like to thank manager tnt and IzzaX for improving the Serbian database of names.

Finally I would like to announce that we are looking for one or two Russian translators. If you are interested, your native language is Russian and you have a good knowledge of English, please contact me at

That's all, have a nice weekend!

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