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  Transfers: FC KOMARNO - Season: 31

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Player transfers

Date Name   League Team   Amount GM
2019-10-19 Poland Włodzimierz Batorski Hungary III.13 Hungary Dragon's Heart  250,000  
2019-10-19 Croatia Nenad Horvatin Czech Republic II.4 Czech Republic FK Buřt  10,000  
2019-10-19 Sweden Jan Brännström Sweden II.4 Sweden Tungelsta HC  500,000  
2019-10-19 Portugal Eliseu Melo Czech Republic IV.2 Czech Republic FC Blovice  200,000  
2019-10-19 Slovakia Jakub Hanák Slovakia II.3 Slovakia Gemer rules  30,000  
2019-10-16 Argentina Juan Modotti Argentina II.3 Argentina Hades F.C.  60,000  

Staff transfers

No staff transfers this season

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